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"Laura provides an expertise in the area of employee compensation that has proven to be very valuable to my clients in appropriately setting their compensation and helping them obtain optimal ROI for their HR dollars. She also provides software tools, Compease and PerformancePro, that provide structure in managing your HR investment going forward. Most firms do not have these capabilities in house and Laura is the solution."

--Bill Thom, Managing Partner at infoQuest

Conover Consulting, Inc.

Balancing people, performance and pay can be a challenge for any business owner or executive management group. Being off on any one of these important business aspects can cause lower profitability, higher turnover and a lack of market leadership. 

Interconnecting Leadership, Culture and Compensation

Leadership is instrumental in building and motivating teams to do their best and operate at optimum speed. While providing guidance at the top, a strong incentive and compensation program helps to retain employees and reward them for a job well-done. This inter-dependence feeds a company culture that nurtures contribution while discouraging complacency. Conover Consulting helps you lead the right people the right way with the right rewards.

Laura Conover, MBA

With over 20 years of consulting experience, Laura’s holistic approach improves the performance of your employees and your company’s bottom line.  She connects the people, compensation, and profitability pieces together to help you maximize your Return On Investment. 


Experienced, Educated, and Certified

Laura has a business pedigree that includes management experience in the real-world and excels at using her knowledge and expertise to deliver effective compensation, leadership, and cultural alignment solutions to a wide variety of industries.  Her education includes a B.A. degree in Economics from Grinnell College and an MBA from San Diego State University.  Laura is also a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) through World at Work.


MBA, San Diego State University
B.A., Economics, Grinnell College

Certified Compensation Professional, World at Work

  • Trains - She loves trains and train stations – especially European stations.

  • Treats - Her favorite ice cream flavor is mocha almond fudge, except for when it’s thin mint.

  • Tchaikovsky - Music – yes!!

  • Treble Cleff - She plays the oboe (and the piano – and has played guitar and harpsichord).

  • Tendencies - If she hadn’t been a Compensation/ Leadership/OD consultant she might have been an architect or an interior designer.

Companies of all sizes and industries have utilized Conover Consulting, Inc. to maximize their ROI, including:

·  Banking and Credit Unions

·  Healthcare

·  Manufacturing

·  Construction

·  Hospitality

·  Entertainment

·  Real Estate

·  Utilities

·  Retail

·  Agriculture

·  Not-for-Profit

·  Family-owned Businesses

·  Insurance

·  Technology

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