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Leadership Development.
Cultural Alignment.
Maximizing ROI by leading the right people the right way
with the right rewards
Elevating Company Success 
Conover Consulting, Inc. has built a reputation delivering compensation structures that help clients fine-tune their biggest expense: employee pay. But even with the best built compensation structures, clients may still experience employee turnover and a culture lacking enthusiasm and teamwork.  Individual leaders and leadership teams may need help with multiple communication styles, leadership competencies, and other issues that diminish their effectiveness. Organization cultures may not support the mission and values of the organization. Conover Consulting, Inc. helps businesses and non-profit organizations in an integrated manner which includes the “numbers” side of the business through compensation planning, and the “people” side of the business through leadership development and cultural alignment.
We're all measured and rewarded to some extent whether it be employee compensation, bonus plans or even leadership development where a move up the ladder may be forthcoming. Closer looks at pay scales, incentive plans and compensation structures, can help a company's recruiting, and play an important part in employee retention. However, employees leave companies due to poor leadership, lack of communication, stagnant compensation and unfulfilling work. With diverse workforces, an ever-changing demand for new skillsets and global competition, it takes more than just compensation strategies to move a company forward.

When a business finds the intersection of sound leadership, a culture which supports its reason for being, and rewards which promote individual and team top performance, it can deliver superior results. The principal way companies achieve stellar growth and maximize Return on Investment is by factoring people, performance and pay into the core way they do business. 

Have you made people the principal factor in your operations?

Conover Consulting Brings You Full-Circle on Your ROI


Leadership Development. Cultural Alignment. Compensation.

Just like an optician uses many lenses to get focus at 20/20, we use a combination of tools to improve your ROI. These tools include an in-depth analysis, competitive benchmarks and long range plans to develop the optimum strategy to source and develop talent, build a motivated, idea-rich team and reward them so they stay and even refer like-minded potential new hires.

Come Full Circle on Your ROI.

Founder and President Laura Conover has over 20 years consulting experience helping clients put together the best pieces of training, mentoring, succession planning, team development and compensation models to help companies focus on what will net them the best return short term and for years to come.

Laura Conover
Laura R. Conover, MBA, CCP


...exceptional resource for matters of compensation, executive team development, and overall team expansion. What makes Laura great is not only her understanding of the details and nuances of many technical matters, but how they relate to the overall change process that leadership is driving through the organization. Her ability to understand what makes the company unique allows her to tailor her advice such that the organization receives what's best for them and not simply best practices.  The work Laura and I have done together have made a real and lasting change on my organization.

-- Jeff Manson, CEO at Western Psychological Services



"Laura Conover was instrumental in carrying out a significant compensation project for HealthCare Partners. She quickly assessed the scope of the project and hit the ground running. Her expertise and knowledge were invaluable in leading the project which spanned across multiple states and involved dozens of senior leaders. Within a few months, the project was completed and transitioned to our in house compensation team. Laura was not only a professional, she was delightful and fun to work with!"

--Catherine Crow,

Senior Vice President

People Services 

HealthCare Partners, LLC

"Laura provides excellent services based on a vast background and experience in the HR industry. She can be a key advisor to management to any company."

--Fritz Strehlow at

The Mentor Group

"Laura Conover's expertise and superb instruction have provided our Board with the assurance that these elements of our employee package are current, well-grounded on solid data and competitive.  Lastly, Laura’s integrity, credibility, and service are superior, and I would highly recommend her to potential clients."

--Mendell Thompson, President/CEO

America’s Christian Credit Union

“Laura has provided an invaluable resource to our company!   She is a gifted compensation consultant, combining sharp business acumen, talent for synthesizing issues with a depth of compensation expertise and a fantastic way with people.  Laura worked with us initially on a project to overhaul our compensation structure.  There were multiple components to this project along with challenging timelines.  Laura jumped in and right away made an impact, providing guidance and consultation to our HR dept and our executive team.  A natural teacher, she converts theory into practical application, while imparting rich grounding for the art and science of this work.  Laura consistently provides valuable insights to accompany her solid work product and she is a true pleasure to work with.“


--Nicole Lewis

Director of Human Resources 


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