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Compensation Analysis & Planning

What to pay to attract top talent and the compensation plan to retain employees leave many company and human resource managers wondering what they could do better. Buying into the company’s vision is one part of that success. The other aspect, that initially draws new and keeps existing employees, is the feeling of being appreciated via meaningful work and most definitely a competitive salary and benefits package.

Advisor Network

We are there through every step and won’t abandon you after delivering services. Conover Consulting's advisory services start with our first meeting where we get to know each other and throughout the planning and design stages where we act as drivers of change. No matter the service needed: leadership development, cultural alignment, or compensation analysis and planning; we work with our clients as partners, but we remain mentors.

Cultural Alignment

With today’s hectic business environment and increasing workloads, organizational culture is usually left unattended and may even develop organically — sometimes not for the better. We know that without a healthy dose of motivation, employee morale tanks and employee turnover multiplies. That costs a company recruiting and training dollars. Our cultural alignment service aligns the daily core business functions with the company’s vision statement, which are often out of sync.

Leadership Development

Are leaders born or made? We know from research that exiting employees leave companies due to a lack of leadership. At Conover Consulting we have learned from experience that an effective and tailored leadership development plan has the ability to elevate underutilized and underdeveloped executives, managers, and employees to become strong leaders who possess a motivating presence and can cultivate effective communication and team-building skills.

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